6 Reasons To Switch To Natural Soaps

Do you know what’s in the commercial soap you buy? Chances are, you don’t, which is why you’re better off using natural soaps that contain no toxins or harsh  chemicals. Washing your body with soap filled with ingredients that can harm your skin and pose risks you might not even be aware of when buying it at the store. To ensure that your soap will benefit your skin and not harm it, here are a few reasons why you should use natural soaps instead:

    1.More natural ingredients

       Our soaps only use best ingredients, such as vegetable oils. Natural soap is “true soap,” and made thanks to a reaction between the vegetable oils and Lye. This reaction is called “saponification.” When this occurs, the lye is then eliminated and only the salt of fatty acids and glycerin remain.

      2. Commercial soaps are not “true soaps”

          Store-bought soap contains harmful ingredients that can harm our immune, endocrine and respiratory. Some brands are not even true forms of soap and are just really detergents, which are petroleum-based products that are actually filled with harsh and chemicals that’ll leave your skin feeling itchy, dry, red and irritated. Handmade soaps don’t use any detergents, so you won’t have to worry about bad reactions when using them.


          3.All glycerin is retained with natural soaps

               Handmade, natural soaps contain all the glycerin, which isn’t true of store-bought options. Many top names remove the glycerin, which is the natural by-product in the process of making soap. They remove it because they resell it to other companies that use it in cosmetics later on. That’s because glycerin is actually a humectant, so it draws moisture to it, hydrating your skin when in the shower or bath.


              4.Natural, handmade soaps moisturize better

                    Since handmade soaps always retain all glycerin, they moisturize your skin better than any commercial soap ever will! Glycerin is the main ingredient to prevent from developing dry skin. Plus, the other natural ingredients added also help maximize moisture, making your skin soft to the touch after each use!


                  5.The best soap-making process

                      Handmade soaps are carefully mixed and poured by hand in small batches to ensure the quality of the soap. Also, handmade soap using the luxurious cold process method, which translates to better soap for you! Soap can either be made using a hot or cold process, with the main difference between the two being temperature. Hot process utilizes heat, while the cold process in turn generates its own heat, thus making a better quality soap that’s more beneficial for your skin. Cold process handmade soaps also tend to be more moisturizing and healthier for the skin. They will clean and moisture without the need for any filler chemicals that many commercial soaps feature.


                      6.More luxurious touches

                          The great thing about natural, handmade soaps is that they feature more luxurious touches that commercial soaps don't offer. Things like appealing aromas, unique textures and beautiful colors all add to the appeal of natural soaps. They’re often super fatting soap, which happens when oils are left unsaponified in the finished products. When this happens, the handmade soaps end up with a luxurious, silky feel that's soft and soothing to the skin when applied.

                        L'Olivier Naturals are clean and natural soaps that are also cruelty-free and vegan friendly. Using only the finest ingredients and best essential oils, our natural soaps will benefit your skin, making is softer than it’s ever been!