About Us

   Our story with all natural soap begins with the 2011 birth of our second baby, our pride and joy Adam. You see, this little munchkin was born with extremely sensitive skin. When we realized his skin was far too sensitive for big brand baby soaps and washes, it was at this very moment we embarked on an unexpected but fated journey. We started with Nabulsi soap (type of Castile soap) But we knew there had to be a better approach, which is why we began learning everything we could about how to make our own soap with all natural ingredients. From that day forward we have never looked back. In fact, the entire family uses only natural soaps now – not just Adam.



    Given our experience, we understand the painstaking struggles parents face when caring for a child with sensitive skin. Next time you're at the store have a look at the labels on soaps and body washes. You'll be surprised by what all's lurking inside! Detergents and petroleum based ingredients ! In hopes of helping others struggling with sensitive skin, we have developed an extensive line of fully nontoxic skincare solutions.


Committed to providing our customers with clean and natural soaps, we carefully mix and pour every blend personally by hand in small batches. All our soaps are guaranteed immaculate, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. We use only the finest ingredients and best essential oils to create bar soaps that speak for the uplifting powers of Mother Nature. Shop our line of soaps to discover the difference carefully handcrafted skincare makes.